Keep Darwin's 'lies' out of schools: Polish official

I have heard some weird reasons why we should reject Darwinian theory but this one seems to offer quite a new perspective:

Orzechowski said that the theory was a feeble idea of an aged non-believer, who had come up with it perhaps because he was a vegetarian and lacked fire inside him


The story continues:

The deputy minister is a member of a Catholic far-right political group, the League of Polish Families. The league’s head, Roman Giertych, is education minister in the conservative coalition government of Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

Giertych’s father Maciej, who represents the league in the European Parliament, organised a discussion there last week on Darwinism. He described the theory as not supported by proof and called for it to be removed from school books.

The far-right joined the government in May when Kaczynski’s ruling conservative Law and Justice party, after months of ineffective minority government, formed a coalition including LPR and the populist Sambroon party.

Roman Giertych has not spoken out on Darwinism, but the far-right politician’s stance on other issues has stirred protest in Poland since he joined the government.

A school pupils’ association was expected to demonstrate in front of the education ministry on Saturday to call for his resignation.

Let’s hope that the school pupils will get an opportunity to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the leadership of their country.

Dembski has started a discussion’ on UncommonDescent. I wonder if his faithfuls are willing to stand up and speak out against these ‘scientists’. Or is the big tent still an essential part of Intelligent Design’s groupthink strategy?

Hans Zimmer

Darwin’s Mistake by Hans J Zillmer

Antediluvian Discoveries Prove Dinosaurs and Humans Co-Existed

Yes, there were cataclysms (among them The Flood) in the course of history, but no, there was no evolution. The Earth’s crust is relatively young and no more than a few thousand years ago; its poles were free of ice. Published in nine languages, this international best-seller puts the latest discoveries and new evidence against Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’.

The author, who owes his insights and expertise to numerous excavations he participated in, describes recent findings that – in line with suppressed results of scientific research – prove what seems unthinkable to us today: Darwin is wrong.


Berthault’s “Stratigraphy”: Rediscovering What Geologists Already Know and Strawperson Misrepresentations of Modern Applications of Steno’s Principles

Glenn Morton, former YECer

Guy Berthault uses Walther’s law which basically says that a prograding sedimentary package can deposit multiple facies at the same time. This has been known since the 15-1600s. Near shore a river will deposit gravels, further out, sand, further out still shale. The age of the ocean bottom sediments at any time are the same so the age doesn’t match the stratigraphy. But, this law can only be applied in situations like this, not to the whole geologic column as Berthault wants to claim.

I surely hope that Dembski is familiar with the readily available search tools allowing one to quickly gain a good insight into the claims by these ‘scientists’ and many of the rebuttals of their claims.

I wonder if Dembski will abandon groupthink and speak out against poor science, even though it involves occupants of the Big Tent?

As is so often the case with groupthink websites, it appears that UncommonDescent has finally disabled trackbacks. Since critical postings at UcD seem to be discouraged by the groupthink syndrome, I hope that UcD posters will use this opportunity to contribute at a much friendlier site.