Unexpected consequences

Salvador Cordova (YEC) wrote a triumphant piece on Uncommon Descent that Allen MacNeill had declared Neo-Darwinism to be dead. Most of us are quite familiar with IDers or YECers declaring that Neo-Darwinism is dead, which to them (via the application of the logical fallacy of a false duality) means that ID must of course be right. Since ID has no positive evidence to provide or to rely on, one should not be too surprised by such desperate measures.

As expected, the announcement backfired when Allen responded

IDers and YECs who hail the “death of Darwinism” are like the poor benighted souls who hailed the death of the “horseless carriage” and the return to “normal equine transportation” in 1905 or thereabouts: they are either ignorant of the most basic principles of current evolutionary theory, or they see the onrush of the juggernaught and close their eyes to avoid witnessing the impending impact.

And this hilarious response

Allen MacNeill wrote:

On the contrary, I thought Wiker and Dembski’s book was crystal clear: that the philosophical implications of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection are the source of most if not all of modern society’s ills, from the rise of Naziism to the tendency for men to leave the toilet seat up.

This is, of course, news to those of us who actually do evolutionary biology for a living, who have loving families and friends, and who participate in social and religious communities in which most of us do not commit genocide and (unless we forget to do so because we are sleep-walking) we leave the toilet seat down…