Dembski planned to meet George W. Bush in 2004!

The email exchange between Dembski and Richard Dawkins continues. Dawkins just posted an email that Dembski sent to him in 2004 (2003 actually, referring to “early next year”, which would be 2004).

It sparked a memory that I had seen it before. So I asked around. It turns out that in late 2003 Dembski sent the following email to most of the people he is spamming right now. In response to this letter in the UK Guardian by Dawkins, Dembski emailed the following. It really…well, any comment would be superfluous.

X-Sender: [Dembski’s email at] (Unverified) Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 21:11:27 -0600 To: Richard Dawkins [email] From: “William A. Dembski” [email] Subject: President Bush Cc: “Eugenie C. Scott” [email], [Daniel Dennett email], [Paul Gross email], [Barbara Forrest email]

Dear Prof. Dawkins,

I enjoyed this bit of fun in last week’s Guardian. It might interest you to know that Senator Rick Santorum, who is close to President Bush, endorsed my forthcoming book The Design Revolution. It might also interest you to know that President Bush lives in the same Texas county that I do (McLennan County – his home is about 35 miles from my home). It might futher interest you to know that my university, Baylor, today made a bid on the George W. Bush Presidential Library (for the news conference, go to

Why might all this interest you? With the recommendations by Senator Santorum and others close to President Bush, I plan to pay him a visit at his home early next year and have a frank discussion with him about the future of science in the United States and the possibilities for public funding of intelligent design research. I expect your remarks below will help me make my case.

Thanks for all you continue to do to advance the work of intelligent design. You are an instrument in the hands of Providence however much you rail against it.

With all good wishes, Bill Dembski

As Dave Barry says, I Am Not Making This Up. Whatever you think of Bush, odds are he’s never heard of Dembski, and Dembski’s apparently confident plan that he was going to drive over to Crawford and gain legitimacy for ID by explaining it to Bush is pretty incredible.