Flock of Dodos: Behind Modern Creationism & Intelligent Design

flock%20of%20dodos.jpg Bill Dembski ‘discusses’ a new book, to be released soon, titled Flock of Dodos: Behind Modern Creationism & Intelligent Design Cambridge House Press, Inc. (release date 02.28.07) By Barrett Brown, Jon P. Alston

The book description may explain why the book is almost outselling some of Dembski’s own books, before it has been released…

Book Description

What is creationism? Is it science, theology, both, neither? Who’s behind it? What does it mean for Western Civilization? And why should you give a damn in the first place? National Lampoon veteran Barrett Brown and Professor of Sociology Jon P. Alston, Ph.D, answer these questions — and perhaps one or two others — in a superbly unorthodox, serenely offensive and splendidly hilarious look at the forces behind the most talked-about pseudo-theory in modern history.

In Flock of Dodos, the reader will discover ominous parallels between Billy Joel’s greaser anthem Uptown Girl and chief intelligent design proponent William Dembski, the wholly non-Christian origins of the United States, the goofy history of the creation science movement, secrets of a happy marriage to anti-feminist icon Phylis Schafly,stunning evidence that William Jennings Bryan might not have been all that bright, the the three interesting things that occurred in 2004, and the true nature of the millennia-old Conspiracy of Nonsense that threatens the very fiber of Western Civilization.

From the Publisher

“Flock of Dodos is in the great tradition of debunkers with a sense of humor, from Thomas Paine to Mark Twain.” — Allen Dershowitz

“Jesus Christ and lesbian monkeys in the same book. Brilliant. ‘Smart’ and ‘funny’ in the same book. Genius.” — Cenk Uyger, The Young Turks, Air America Radio

“Simultaneously smart, insightful, and hilarious! Even though refuting creationism is like shooting tiny Noah’s Arks in a barrel, Brown and Alston dissect the movement with a wholly unique wit and perspective. The best book I’ve read in years.” — Bob Cesca, The Huffington Post, Founder, Camp Chaos Entertainment

“Here’s the problem with America’s born-again wackos: only a gifted comic is capable of describing them, but no one with a sense of humor can stomach being around them. That’s why there are so few books like Flock of Dodos. With their painstaking attention to historical detail and amusingly violent writing style, Brown and Alston have given the religious right exactly the righteous, merciless fragging it deserves. I wish I could tie James Dobson down and make him eat every page.” — Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone Magazine, author of Spanking the Donkey

And as thechristiancynic observes

Anyone have the inside scoop on what the “ominous parallels” are between Uptown Girl and Dembski? My curiosity is piqued, but not enough to where I would actually want to read such a book.

Any thoughts?