Luskin and the New Mexico creationists

Dave Thomas has written an op-ed opposing a bill in New Mexico that would promote Intelligent Design creationism in the classroom under the guise of academic freedom. This is a standard ID game; carefully word the bills so that they refer vaguely to some evidence that doesn't exist, so that they can pretend they are asking for equal time for the same category of scientific story when it is actually a case of promoting the guesswork, handwaving, and religiously-motivated biases of the creationists to have equivalent status with the evidence of scientists.

Casey Luskin is on the job, though, and he tears into Thomas's op-ed … or rather, he tears it into little pieces and rearranges the words until he's got a pastiche he can criticize. It's a shameful performance that puts the dishonesty of the Discovery Institute on display.

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