Lynn Margulis blog tour

Lynn Margulis has sent the opening statement for her blog tour to Pharyngula. You should feel free to come on over and respond to it, raise other questions of any relevant sort, or say whatever you want in the comments; she'll be along later today to respond to those that interest her. I will be policing the comments, so trolls, please don't bother; serious comments only, and keep in mind that she's only going to respond to a limited subset, so make 'em good.

In addition, she'll be available later today in the Pharyngula chat room (channel #pharyngula on; if you don't have an IRC client, that link will let you use your browser to join in) from 12:00-1:30pm ET. Dive in there for a more interactive give-and-take with Dr Margulis.

Lynn Margulis is in the house right now—join the chat room if you have anything to say, or just want to eavesdrop.

The chat is now over, but you can still read the transcript.