Science Blogging Anthology Reviewed

Openlab 2007

John Dupuis at Confessions of a Science Librarian has good things to say about The Open Laboratory (2006).

At first glance it seems that [Bora] Zivkovic set himself an impossible task trying to pull something decent together, both in terms of the presentation and the quality of the content, in such a short period of time. We can probably only expect something shoddy and half-assed—right? Well, I’m happy to say that all fears of disaster were certainly not justified—anyone that pays attention to Zivkovic’s blog knows that he’s smart, capable, dedicated and without a doubt energetcic and that he wouldn’t let something unworthy out the door.

This review is just in time for Bora’s announcement that we are now taking submissions for the 2007 anthology. Unlike last year, we will begin to compile a list of worthy posts in March instead of at the last minute in December. Any original blog entry made between 12-20-06 and 12-20-07 is eligible.

If you want to spread the word, I have put together a badge that you can use to link to the submission form.

Also for all you 2006 winners, I have made a badge honoring your achievement. Go ahead, place it on your blog so everyone can know how great of a science blogger you are. Note that you can see a demo over in our sidebar.

You can find html code for the badges on my blog.