Sixth Graders Debunk Global Warming

Last night (March 26), a friend in Longmont, Colorado, sent me an e-mail in which she told me of a science teacher who had run a debate on global warming – among sixth graders (see the story in the Longmont Times-Call at ). I was in class all day today, but fortunately PZ Myers was on the job and posted 2 articles on the subject (“Another Bad Teacher,” , and a followup, “What’s the Matter with Colorado?” ).

I will therefore just alert our readers to Mr. Myers’s essays and also add that the Times-Call today ran another article (“Debunking Darwin,” ) to the effect that the teacher will retire at the end of the year to devote himself to writing and opposing “Darwinism.”

The teacher noted that the district “might breathe a sigh of relief when I’m gone.” So will I.