Hexley: Evidence of Evolution's Satanic Origins


In another observation of pop culture’s war on ID, I bring you a remark by Wired:

Apparently feeling pressured by Tux, supporters of Darwin, an open-source version of the Mac OS, decided they needed their own mascot. The result is Hexley, a curious platypus who in some images is portrayed with horns and a pitchfork – enough evidence for several intelligent design theorists to offer him as proof of the satanic origins of evolutionary biology.

This is additionally funny to us because we run FreeBSD, whose mascot, Beastie, inspired Hexley.


Krauze and several other intelligent-design activists over at Telic Thoughts have the mistaken belief that in the above post I took the remark by Wired to be serious. To me that remark was an obvious joke, poking fun at intelligent-design activists and creationists. I still can’t find anything in my post that suggests that I was using Wired as a reference. (I can’t even think of a reason why PT would even use random remarks by Wired as a reference for happenings among idists.)