Would the Real "Michael Egnor" Please Stand Up?

Over the weekend, [another "Egnor" post](http://www.evolutionnews.org/2007/04/a_moment_of_clarity_darwinists.html) appeared on the Discovery Institute blog. This one addresses [a post I wrote two weeks ago](http://scienceblogs.com/authority/2007/04/strategically_communicating_sc.php) discussing the "Framing Science" article. In his "response," "Egnor" manages to completely distort pretty much everything about my article, in a way that is so ham-fistedly inept that it is simply impossible for me to continue to believe that the "Michael Egnor" articles are being written by a real person who really believes what he (or she) writes.

(For the record, I'm neither a "prominent Darwinist" nor a "prominent scientist." Also, there are only two possible ways that someone could claim that "find a way to get people who aren't interested in the science behind an issue to care about the issue itself" is the same thing as "recruit people who don't care about science to the cause of Darwinism." The author either has a level of respect for honesty that falls below the Roveian, or he has the reading comprehension skills of a repeatedly concussed chipmunk. In either case, I have real problems believing that it's coming from a reportedly well-respected neurosurgeon.)

It's been fun while it lasted, but the game's over now. Would whoever is really writing this stuff please take this opportunity to own up to it? Please? Come on, I know it's got to be someone who is a regular here.

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