Another Iowa State professor speaks out

In their desperate flailing to rescue their golden boy at Iowa State, Guillermo Gonzalez, the Discovery Institute has made another mistake: they tried to do a hatchet job on another Iowa State faculty member, Hector Avalos—he was attacked because he was promoted when Gonzalez wasn't, and he also happens to be an atheist, never mind that these were completely different departments and completely different people. Avalos has responded directly to the DI attacks at Pharyngula.

Once again, the DI has exposed itself as a nest of bumbling incompetents. I'm actually beginning to feel some sympathy for Gonzalez—how would you like to be volunteered to be a martyr for the cause? That's actually what's happening now: the kind of circus being erected around a fairly ordinary tenure case is going to be deeply counterproductive to Gonzalez's future career.