Flock of Dodos on Showtime on Thursday

This just in from Randy Olson. Free to forward:

FLOCK OF DODOS airing on Showtime Thursday May 17 at 8:30 EST/PST

Also, for further entertainment, check out “Pulled Punches” – a 6 minute video of material left out of “Flock of Dodos”:


And the Discovery Institute’s mad scramble to protest the airing on Showtime:


Top quote from the “pulled punches” segment:

“My kids don’t go to public schools, what do I care?” – Michael Behe

Evidently the Discovery Institute, fans of freedom of expression that it is, is badgering Showtime with lawyers to try and block tomorrow’s viewing. I don’t think there is a chance in heck that will work, but it is always interesting to contrast actions with rhetoric.

Here is the “Pulled Punches” clip on YouTube: