The Hovind Saga Continues

This was recently posted on – the blogs of Creation Science Evangelism, i.e. Kent Hovind’s ministry. It comes from Paul Abramson who is a longtime supporter and associate of Hovind. I will post it without further commentary, since it is pretty shocking by itself. We don’t know anything more about it than this. It could indicate anything from Hovind committing some sort of serious infraction of prison rules, all the way down to a Hovind fan’s histrionic misinterpretation of some routine event such as a prison transfer. It seems a little hard for me to believe that Hovind would do something worthy of solitary, so who knows.

Anyway, here it is… (from the comments section)

DR. HOVIND - was just moved to a different federal facility.

He is now in solitary confinement for 23 1/2 hours per day, in a small cell. He sleeps (at this time) on the concrete floor. A guard has provided him with part of a “Good News for Modern Man” Bible. He has nothing else, as far as we know. There are conflicting reports from the new facility on whether or not he can receive visitors. He has had a very limited “approved visitors” list up until now.

His new address:

Kent Hovind #06452-017 FCI Marianna PO Box 7007 Marianna, FL. 32447 USA


Letters and postcards can be sent. No food; no hardbound books; no CDs or DVDs; do not put “Dr.” in front of his name. All mail is opened and checked in front of guards.

Paul Abramson

P.S. The “May 7th post from Brother Hovind above - was actually written by him over one week ago, from before he was suddenly moved to the new location and put into solitary confinement a few days ago. …