Professor Jerry Coyne Addresses Michael Behe's "response" to Coyne's review of Behe's new book.

Although the line above says that this is a post by Mark Perakh, in fact I only served as a conduit for posting Professor Jerry Coyne’s material.

Professor Coyne has published a review (see here ) of Michael Behe’s new book titled The Edge of Evolution. Along with other reviewers, such as Mark Chu-Carroll, Sean Carroll, Richard Dawkins, and others, Jerry Coyne views Behe’s new book as Behe’s poorly substantiated (and vain) attempt to somehow pull up Behe’s status from the deep pit he finds himself in after the Dover trial, and thus to be re-admitted to the scientific community as a genuine scientist.

Behe responded to Coyne’s review on an Amazon blog (see here).

Now Professor Coyne offers a rebuttal of Behe’s response, which rebuttal I have the privilege of posting.

I can add to Jerry Coyne’s rebuttal just a few words. As it could be expected, Behe’s “response” to Coyne’s critique is typical of Behe’s supercilious style wherein he does not shy away from a self-gratifying delusion regarding his fiasco as an expert witness at the Kitzmiller vs Dover Board of Education trial. Professor Coyne in his brief rebuttal shows the dismal failure of Behe as the author both of his new book and of his “response” to critics.

Read Jerry Coyne’s rebuttal at Talk Reason.