An "apology", Dembski style

Unless this is yet another one of those Dembski ‘parodies’, Dembski has ‘apologized’ and conveniently removed the offending postings which showed the depths to which Dembski had gone.

The only redeeming part of Dembski’s “apology” is that he references an excellent paper by Paul Gross

PZ Myers, in his wisdom, observes that

After his recent rampage against the Baylor administration, Bill Dembski now claims to be offering an apology to Baylor…only not really. I don’t think he knows what ‘apology’ means — a statement loaded with reservations like “I mean in no way to mitigate the gravity of Baylor’s wrong in censoring the research of Robert Marks and his Evolutionary Informatics Lab” and “I hurt my family and lost about three weeks of productive work by being consumed with anger about the injustice against Robert Marks” is not an apology — it’s an opportunity to reiterate your grievances. And closing with the injunction to “leave justice in the hands of a God” is just a standard Christian passive-aggressive threat.

What is ironic to me is that if Dembski had apologized after his ill-timed “Waterloo” email, he would still have been in charge of the ID Friendly Institute at Baylor. Now Bill laments that his ill temper caused him to lose 3 weeks of productivity. Somehow, many may see this as a three week gain.

PZ wrote:

This wasn’t an apology. It was an opportunity for Dembski to flush several embarrassing posts down the UD Memory Hole™.

So what do PT readers think, was this a real apology or if not, what was it?