Hope for the future

The next episode of NOW on PBS will report on a trip by scientists and evangelical Christians to Alaska “with open minds to learn about the effects of global warming.”. Earlier this year, the ScienceDaily blog reported on this unique trip.

The Scientists-Evangelical Alaska Expedition grew out of a collaboration that began at a two-day private retreat in December 2006 attended by 30 leaders from the scientific and evangelical communities. The retreat led to close relationships of mutual trust and understanding among the participants and to the release in January 2007 of an “Urgent Call to Action,” a pledge that these leaders would speak with one voice in their shared commitment to protect life on Earth.

There is hope after all that science and Christians can work together to uncover the facts about nature. Remember that science educating evangelicals is considered to be a big threat to ID’s Wedge Mission

Bruce Chapman wrote:

If you want to know why appalling views like Dr. Watson’s enjoy such covert scientific support, read West. Race theory and eugenics are not accidents, but the logical product of Darwinian thought—going back to Darwin’s work itself. Perhaps your local church pastor might like to read about it before he declares St. Darwin’s birthday a holiday in February, as has been happening at some of the more gullible and latitudinarian chapels of the land. Watson’s candor actually helps illuminate the radical ideological content of Darwinism when unadorned by political fig leaves.

A well informed Christian is a big threat to Intelligent Design’s Wedge Mission. As I explained in the comment section of a previous posting, I will explore these claims and show that the ID creationists are (once again) self contradictory. While arguing on the one hand that Darwinism cannot provide a foundation for morality, they also conclude that Darwinism leads to eugenics. However, for eugenics to work, there must be a foundation for what is better/desirable. But Darwinism cannot provide such guidance per ID logic. In fact, as I will show it is religion which provided much of the necessary foundation and in fact in the early 1900’s religion was a major popularizer of the concept of eugenics.