Post-Nova stuff

Just a few notes on post-Nova show stuff. If you missed the show (or evidently some PBS stations didn’t show it), it will be free online on the Nova website starting on Friday, November 16. In the meantime, check out Judge Jones on the NBC Today Show (you may have to search videos on “PBS” if the link doesn’t completely work) and on The Newshour with Jim Lehrer.

Also, Matthew Chapman, great-great grandson of Charles Darwin, put out a call yesterday for, “a Presidential Debate on Science.” I am cynical enough to think that is unlikely, given that there are usually only 3 major debates, but it is worth thinking about pushing the idea – heck, maybe at least a few science-related questions will get raised in the campaign. Unfortunately, the comments section was evidently flooded by creationists, so PT people might want to chip in their 2 cents over there.

Lastly – what did you think? Quite something seeing stuff on TV that first came to the public via PT back in 2005, no? I have now heard several requests for a “cdesign proponentsists” T-shirt…here is one try, although I think it would be most compelling with a “Evolution of Creationism” or “The Missing Link” title (or maybe the front has the evolution of creationism and the back has the missing link…anyone who is inspired may use the graph, by the way).