There is no bottom to dumb

From the Leiter Reports

Leiter wrote:

A blog devoted to shilling for Intelligent Design has posted a link to the paper by myself and Michael Weisberg critiquing attempts to apply evolutionary psychology to law. It appears the author of the post, one Denyse O’Leary, a Canadian journalist who is a notorious apologist for ID creationism, thought our article was of a piece with the skepticism about natural selection that is her raison d’etre. The second commenter appears to have noticed what Ms. O’Leary missed.

Ms O’Leary is also still in denial about processes of regularity and chance being able to generate information. While she has been insisting that her background does not allow her to evaluate the claims of ID when they involve science or mathematics, she surely seems to be accepting them as the Gospel.

Hint: Processes of variation and selection can trivially increase information in the genome. Even Dembski seems to have come to accept this and now he claims that such processes smuggle in information. Of course they do, they transfer information from the environment to the genome.