Where did those anti-evolution resolutions come from?

Brandon Haught at Florida Citizens for Science reports on the likely source of the anti-evolution resolutions.

A lengthy article in the Florida Baptist Witness doesn’t come right out and say it, but the source of the anti-evolution resolutions seems to be:

Kendall [Kim Kendall, a leading activist opposing the standards and a member of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville] agreed with the idea of academic freedom in the classroom, she told the Witness in a later e-mail.

According to Kendall, the school districts in St. Johns, Baker and Taylor counties have composed resolutions against the proposed approach to teaching evolution. The resolutions request that the SBOE maintain academic freedom and integrity in the classrooms.

“After observing the framers and writers as they ‘refreshed’ the standards, we were disappointed to say the least,” Kendall told the Witness via email. “But we feel hopeful with our 7-member SBOE which will be making the final decision.”

Kendall said the president overseeing the school districts plans to send a copy of the resolution to further awareness in other districts and provide a template for them to use should they choose to do so.

Acknowledging that other districts may not follow suit, Kendall said she urges residents of other counties to encourage their school boards to form their own resolutions.