Expelled: I.D. Rakes it in and Gets Rake in Face

Aaron Elias, sophomore student in English, writes in the New University (University of California of Irvine) the following:

Every so often, a group will try to promote its cause and give itself the proverbial rake in the face. The pointy end of the rake came up when the makers of “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” started bribing fundamentalist schools to organize mandatory field trips forcing students to watch the film. Bribery? Great publicity move! That garners about as much credibility as a Republican politician in a bathroom stall.

and that’s not all…

Noting how ID and Creationism seem to be awfully similar (Did Aaron apply a successful design inference here?):

So intelligent design and creationism sound just a bit similar, don’t they? While upholders of intelligent design claim that the two views are separate, intelligent design is continuously criticized for being suspiciously similar to creationism and having very little credibility within the scientific community. The fact that countless creationist organizations support intelligent design does nothing to help their argument.

and concludes that

Between the lying, bribery and lack of objectivity, the only way this movie will become a blockbuster is if the Discovery Institute starts bribing public schools to see its movie-length infomercial. Then again, I wouldn’t put it past them.

Seems that Intelligent Design’s message is properly received.