Troy Britain: Expelled! The Movie Rip-off and the Event at Biola

Biola University’s ‘Christian Apologetics’ program announced a showing of Ben Stein’s movie ‘Expelled’ for $10. However, when Troy Britain showed up, he discovered that the event was a ‘backstage’ event only.

It gets “better” though. After listening to Stein practically foam at the mouth (he almost seemed like he had a pulse for a minute there) about the horrible injustices supposedly documented in his film and a bunch of stuff about God, this despite the fact that one of the clips from the film was one of the Discovery Institute muckety-mucks prattling on about how they want to talk about science and that it’s the “people with no argument” who keep bringing up the “red-herring” of religion, the night was topped off with Stein receiving the Orwellianly titled “Phillip E. Johnson Award for Liberty and Truth” for 2008. All of this to no less than three standing ovations from the crowd.

While the DI is working hard to differentiate ID from its religious foundations, Ben Stein and other ‘Expelled’ people seem to be quite clear that this is all about God.

Thank God, I say, for their honesty even though they are quite misguided about evolutionary theory and Intelligent Design and are doing science and religion a disfavor.