NY Times: Expelled from "Expelled"?

The New York Times reports in an article titled Disinvited to a Screening, a Critic Ends Up in a Faith-Based Crossfire how a critic was invited and then disinvited from attending the screening of Expelled and how the critic still attended the showing.

Shortly before he was to attend a screening in January of the documentary “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” which is about alternatives to the theory of evolution, Roger Moore, a film critic for The Orlando Sentinel, learned that his invitation had been revoked by the film’s marketers.

But Roger Moore decided to attend anyway

Moore traveled to the most likely place for the showing of the movie, “… [a] local megachurch and planted himself among a large group of pastors to watch the movie.”

Strangely enough the attendees were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

There were nondisclosure agreements to sign that day, but Mr. Moore did not, and proceeded to write perhaps the harshest review “Expelled” has received thus far.

So why was Moore disinvited and what are the marketing objectives of “Expelled”?

Paul Lauer, head of Motive Marketing, which is handling publicity for the film, said that critics were not invited mostly because the film was not polished enough for professional scrutiny. He said that his company, which also marketed the 2004 film, “The Passion of the Christ,” is reaching out to conservative leaders.

Fascinating… No attempts to hide that Expelled is marketed to the religiously motivated people. And yet, ID creationists insist that ID has nothing to do with religion, even though reality shows time after time (even in Court) how the facts paint a very different picture.