Yes, they think we are really stupid!

A few days ago I asked just how stupid Discovery Institute Fellow Jonathan Wells thought we were, when he posted an article that could be refuted with a few minutes reading Wikipedia. Mr. Wells has “replied” to that article, and the answer is in. He thinks we are really stupid. In that post he claims I hate him.

And links to my post.

Where you can read it from beginning to end and find neither skerrick nor iota of hate. Unless hate has been recently redefined to mean “comprehensively refuted”. Tellingly, he doesn’t address the main issue, that anyone with access to Wikipedia could see that he is writing nonsense. Anyone reading his “response” just has to spend a moment reading my article to see how completely he avoids the issue. Even having the senior author of the study he criticises plainly state that Darwinian evolution guided key aspects of their study doesn’t phase him, he simply tires to redefine “selection” out of evolutionary theory. Finally, he restates his question:

Wells wrote:

How, exactly, is Darwinian evolution essential to understanding and overcoming antibiotic resistance — as the Darwinists claim it is?

Mr. Wells, rather than making up stories that people hate you, you could re-read my post, this time for comprehension. Or you could just spend a few minutes on Wikipedia.

(PS Mr. Wells, Are you going to admit that Darwinists didn’t suppress Mendel’s work. Also, one mutation to convert a DD-peptidase to a beta-lactamase, in what way doesn’t that refute your claim that we have untestable hypotheses for the origins of antibiotic resistance genes?)

PZ Myers and Larry Moran have their own takes on the issue.