So much irony, so little time.

Expelled Exposed I normally do my evolutionary posts here at the Panda’s Thumb, but given the astronomical nature of this item, I’ve posted it over at Astroblog.

Kenv Miller is the screenwriter of the ID propaganda film Expelled. He’s been carrying on about how consensus in science is repression. Apart from the irony of quoting science fiction author and global warming denier Michael Crichton as an expert on the role of consensus in science, there is a complete lack of understanding of the history of science. Miller makes this jaw dropping statement.

By your logic, it was right for Galileo to be persecuted for his views, because the overwhelming majority of astronomers were certain that geocentrism was right and heliocentrism was wrong. The evidence was just so overwhelmingly obvious. The same goes for virtually any other scientist that revolutionized his discipline. </span>

Can’t these people get their history right?

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