Some good news from Florida Citizens of Science

Let us take a moment of silence for House Bill 1483 and Senate Bill 2692, the deceptively named “academic freedom” bills. Time of death: 6 p.m. I doubt they will rest in peace, though.

In other hopeful news: According to Box Office Mojo, the theatre count for Expelled in its third week has dropped by 386 to 655 and the daily numbers have dropped to $157,191 or $151/theatre for Monday, $162,396 or $156/theatre for Tuesday and $159,273 or $153/theatre for Wednesday.

Farewell to bad arguments about good science.

Mark Mathis is still pleased with the $5.8 million even though earlier reports had indicated that success was defined as $12 million for the first weekend.

Some may recognize this as the usual spin.