Now I'm going to have nightmares

Ken Ham, chief wackaloon at Answers in Genesis, was invited to speak…at a Pentagon prayer breakfast.

Just let that sink in.

There are people at the Pentagon who are in charge of planning where your sons and daughter and nephews and nieces and other beloved family members and friends will be sent to put their lives at risk. There are people there who can send missiles and bombers anywhere in the world. There are people there who control nuclear weapons.

And they think Ken Ham is a fine-and-dandy, clever feller.

It's almost enough to make me wish I could pray. It's not just Ham, either — it's that the people with the big guns have prayer breakfasts.

And then, somehow, he segues into babbling about the existence of life on other worlds. He doesn't think there is any. Look at the logic this kook uses:

The real world is the biblical world--a universe designed by God with the Earth at the spiritual focal point, not an evolutionary universe teeming with life. … Extraterrestrial life is an evolutionary concept; it does not comport with the biblical teachings of the uniqueness of the Earth and the distinct spiritual position of human beings.

Because the bible says we are the focus of the entire universe, there can't possibly be any competitors. Of course, this means that his god created this vast, empty, uninhabitable space for no reason other than that we'll have twinkly little stars in the sky at night…but hey, that's the crazy Christian deity, always doing irrational stuff and encouraging his followers to be equally nuts.