John West on The New Louisiana Creationism Law

Discovery [sic] Institute fellow John West has a long article at National Review praising the recently enacted Louisiana creationism law, which is of course disguised as a “protection” for “dissenting” teachers who are being persecuted by The Man. John Derbyshire, also at_National Review_, has an excellent response to it here, indicating that at least some prominent conservatives are fed up with the pseudoscience. (LGF, too.) According to West, the law simply gives teachers “a modest measure of protection” when they try to “question[]…the ‘consensus’ view on…scientific issues.” Of course, the law is more than that: it is an attempt to cleverly phrase an invitation to religious propagandists to use government-run, taxpayer-supported schools as a forum to teach religion to other people’s children.

To Derbyshire’s excellent analysis, I would add only the following.

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