The Crews Favorite Science and Evolution Books for Kids!

Good ‘ol Creationists. Whether they are farting, or rapping, or challenging respected scientists to a dual, you can always count on Creationist antics for a good laugh.

I get an especially fine kick out of ID Creationisms attempts at courting youngsters. ‘Wacky, zany’ Overwhelming Evidence is just another link farm for Denyse O’Leary, and William ‘Im a REBEL!’ Dembskis companion book to EXPELLED is just a chunky regurgitation of his disastrous presentation at the University of Oklahoma last fall.

But as funny as their clumsy attempts are, parents still have trouble making sure their kids are getting the best science education possible. PT regularly gets emails from concerned parents/aunts/uncles/grandparents who are looking for quality science books for their little ones. I wont be an aunt for another few weeks (twin nieces, WHOO!!), but I jumped up with my favorite suggestions the last time Reed asked for book recommendations. See, I was raised by a librarian and a science/math teacher (how I grew up to be such a nerd, we may never know), and one day my mom brought home the coolest science books ever:Dorling Kindersley’s ‘Eyewitness’ books.

They have a book on Evolution. They have a book on the origin of life (which includes discussion of viruses!). They have a book on prehistoric man. They have a book on ‘great scientists’ (which includes Darwin) as well as one on Darwin.

They have a book for basically any pro-science topic you can think of, and they are written in an unapologetically pro-science manner… So Creationists hate them.

Here is the best part (for me)—Even though most of them are targeted to 7-12 year olds, I still thought they rocked when I got a chance to read them in high school. Beautiful pictures, cram-packed with data and fun facts, they were like a ‘smart’ magazine. The Eyewitness books provide ample opportunities for children and parents to learn something new. Despite their age target, these arent baby books.

And here is a bonus for you pro-science parents out there—if my hometown second grade library stocks these books, there is a good chance you can find (or request them) at your local library!

But the Eyewitness books are by no means the only pro-science kids books out there! Here are a couple others that PT writers suggested:

And Im sure many parents would be happy to have mare reader suggestions in the comments!