The Rise of Muslim Creationism

Couple of interesting stories about the efforts of Turkish Muslim creationist Harun Yahya (_nee_Adnan Oktar). From the New Humanist:

Oktar is a figure fairly well known to Darwinists and despite his claims to scientific competence is clearly little more than a crank. However what had changed, according to the report, was the scale and ambition of Oktar’s pseudo-scientific message. Since 2006 copies of a substantial, glossy and smartly packaged book called Atlas of Creation, credited to Harun Yahya, had been arriving at schools and universities across Europe. In Spain, France, Switzerland and Denmark clear evidence of the growing resources and confidence of European Muslim creationism was thudding on to the mat. The book is the first of a projected seven-part series, and parts two and three have already begun arriving at educational institutes Europe-wide.

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And from Reuters:

Well-illustrated and free of theological jargon, they preach that Islam is the one true faith and Darwinism, by undermining religious belief, has led to the discord, atheism, terrorism and extreme political ideologies plaguing the world.

Reader-friendly, the books appeal to Muslims trying to square modern science with their faith in an inerrant Koran, much like Christian evangelicals who read the Bible literally and support creationism or intelligent design theories.

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