The Sixth International Conference on Creationism

The Sixth Intenrational Conference on Creationism was held from August 3-7, in Pittsburgh, PA. That being a mere five hour drive from my digs in Harrisonburg, I naturally attended.

Unlike the revival tent atmosphere that prevails at Ken Ham’s ubiquitous gatherings, the ICC’s represent an attempt at a serious scientific conference on creationism. If you flip through the conference proceedings and just give it a quick skim, you could easily be impressed by the professionalism of the volume and the level of technical detail in the papers. It’s a side of creationism we rarely see, and serves as a reminder that these folks honestly believe what they are saying, and at least attempt to do science with their idiosyncratic interpretaion of the Bible as their starting point.

Alas, combining the scientific legitemacy of creationism with the turgid style of academic prose is not the formula for a pleasant conference. I will be reporting on my experiences at the conference over at EvolutionBlog. The first two installments are already up: Part One and Part Two. Comments can be left there. Go have a look, and stay tuned for further installments.