Bill Dembski: ChunkDZ's gift of profane abuses

In a hilarious posting, William Dembski presents most likely an email from a colleague who argues that

I encourage you to take a look at the Panda’s Thumb and follow the entire thread devoted to the optimality of the genetic code. It is simply priceless. Someone styling himself Chunkdz dominates the discussion and by virtue of a very considerable gift for profane abuse, succeeds in doing what I never thought possible, and that is reducing the entire PT crowd to sputtering, dim-witted incoherence. You must link to it.

here is the link

Let’s link to this as well as to the response by us dim-wits.

PS: I wonder if Bill even bothered to look at the threads in question. Yes, they are full of profane abuses while ignoring the science involved. What is even more fascinating is how Bill points to a thread in which ChunkDZ’s profanity has been minimized in order to focus on his ‘arguments’ to show how they lack support and a thread in which ChunkDZ has not participated. Given Bill’s somewhat juvenile pleasures in making a judge pass gas, I am wondering in what other unexplored pleasures he indulges. Funny how so few ID proponents are willing nay able to defend ChunkDZ, other than marvel at his gift of profanity. Needless to say, ID may be scientifically vacuous but it does attracts people with remarkable gifts. Well, at least it’s more entertaining that Denyse O’Leary’s continued whining and DaveScot’s denial of the fact of global warming and the large human component of global warming. Ignorance does love company.