Luskin pwned, again!

At the Loom, Carl Zimmer exposes yet another hilarious example of vacuity behind the statements of Casey Luskin.

What a way to end a great 2008

Casey Luskin wrote:

“Bicycles have two wheels. Unicycles, having only one wheel, are missing an obvious component found on bicycles. Does this imply that you can remove one wheel from a bicycle and it will still function? Of course not. Try removing a wheel from a bike and you’ll quickly see that it requires two wheels to function. The fact that a unicycle lacks certain components of a bicycle does not mean that the bicycle is therefore not irreducibly complex.”

It took Zimmer a few seconds of searching on Google to find why we should not take Luskin’s ‘arguments’ too seriously (and why Intelligent Design is doomed to remain scientifically vacuous).

Enjoy reading yet another reason why we should all pray for continued employment of Casey Luskin