The January Issue of Scientific American

It’s about evolution.*

The title of the full issue is “The Evolution of Evolution.” I haven’t read very much yet, but some of the articles that caught my eye are

“Testing Natural Selection with Genetics,” by H. Allen Orr, an appraisal of natural selection as a major cause of evolution.

“The Latest Face of Evolution in the Classroom,” by Glenn Branch and Eugenie C. Scott, a description of how creationist strategies have evolved as the environment changed.

“The Evolution of Hiccups and Hernias,” by Neil Shubin, a depressing look at what kludges we are.

“Evolution of the Mind: 4 Fallacies of Psychology,” by David J. Buller, a skeptical examination of “pop” evolutionary psychology.

“Putting Evolution to Work in the Everyday World,” by David P. Mindell, a description of how evolutionary principles are used in, for example, medicine and disease control.

And more.

*I was going to leave it at that (and apologize to Woody Allen).