John Lynch reviews the year in ID

Here. The highlight:

[I]t does give me an excuse to post my (now annual) list of things we didn’t see from the main players of the ID movement:

* A peer-reviewed paper by Dembski, Wells, Nelson, Meyer …

* Or for that matter, a single peer-reviewed article offering either a) evidence for design, b) a method to unambiguously detect design, or c) a theory of how the Designer did the designing, by any fellow of the DI.

* An exposition of Nelson’s theory of “ontogenetic depth” (promised in March 2004)

* An article by Nelson & Dembski on problems with common descent (promised in April 2005).

* Nelson’s monograph on common descent (currently MIA since the late 90’s).

In addition to how the Designer did the designing, I’d like to see something about the manufacturing process too. How did the Designer manufacture the stuff that’s purportedly designed?