Science Celebrates Darwin

Science Magazine is celebrating the bicentenary of Darwin’s birth and the sesquicentenary of his publication of On the Origin of Species with the first of a monthly series of articles, beginning with an essay on the origin of life by Carl Zimmer. This essay (and presumably the rest of the series) is available at no cost. A February issue will feature an essay on art. The latest issue (January 9) also features an article, “Darwin’s Originality,” by Peter J. Bowler, but that article is available only by subscription. Finally, Science has initiated Origins, their new evolution blog, which is available without subscription. You may get links to Zimmer’s and Bowler’s articles, and Origins here.

Update, January 15: Mike Klymkowsky of the University of Colorado has just notified me of a special issue of The Lancet devoted to “Darwin’s Gifts.” I got the entire issue here, but I am on campus right now, so I do not know whether it is available free or whether I got it because our library has a subscription. Maybe some reader can elaborate. The Lancet is a proprietary journal, and articles are generally expensive.