Third edition of "But Is It Science?" out

I’ve just heard that the new third edition of But Is it Science, edited by Ruse & Pennock, is now available. Pennock has a great new chapter on the definition of science, methodological naturalism, and Larry Laudan’s anti-demarcationism and the uses creationists/ID advocates put it to. I have a (great new) chapter on the historical origins of the ID movement, focusing on the years 1981-1984, which were really key for developing the various weird features of ID ideology, although the actual term “intelligent design” was adopted later. My main conclusion is that creationists’ reactions to the McLean defeat in 1982, and especially their attempt to survive court challenge in the Edwards case, 1981-1984 (before appeals), were key in explaining the stripped down version of creationism that became ID.

Link to book