Casey Luskin, Galloping Paranoia, and Not Taking Intelligent Design Seriously.

Casey Luskin is once again hard at work in the Discovery Institute quote mines. In his latest effort, he tries to make the case that a [recent review article]( by Kevin Padian and the Panda's Thumb's own Nick Matzke contains "veiled threats" designed to intimidate [cdesign proponentsists]( Casey dives into the quote mines in the first paragraph of the post:

It’s always amusing how evolutionists continually proclaim, and then re-proclaim, the apparent demise of intelligent design (ID) (i.e. ‘no really, this time ID actually is dead!’!). We’re pretty used to that, but then it gets a little creepy when they exude what appears to be an unhealthy pleasure in ID’s (purported) demise. Such was recently the exact case when National Center for Science Education (NCSE) president Kevin Padian and former NCSE spokesman Nick Matzke, in a January issue of Biochemical Journal, published a “review article” claiming that the “case for ID” has “collapsed,” gleefully asserting that “no one with scientific or philosophical integrity is going to take [Discovery Institute or ID] seriously in future.”

Whenever someone from the Discovery Institute quotes a scientist, it's a good idea to go back to the original source. That's particularly true in cases like this, where the quoted material consists of several sentence fragments. Unsurprisingly, when we check the original source, we find that the quoted passages occur several paragraphs apart.