Sadly, Another Honest Creationist

Richard Dawkins has a classic essay on Kurt Wise’s beliefs titled Sadly, an Honest Creationist. Dawkins wrote

Kurt Wise doesn’t need the challenge; he volunteers that, even if all the evidence in the universe flatly contradicted Scripture, and even if he had reached the point of admitting this to himself, he would still take his stand on Scripture and deny the evidence. This leaves me, as a scientist, speechless. I cannot imagine what it must be like to have a mind capable of such doublethink.

Now another creation “scientist,” trained in a secular university with a legitimate science Ph.D., has acknowledged much the same thing in a little stronger terms.

Todd Wood is Director of the Center for Origins Research and an Associate Professor of Science at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. He has a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Virginia and is a member of AAAS, the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, and the Society for Systematic Biology. He is an active participant in BSG: A Creation Biology Study Group, the Baraminology Study Group founded to do research on discerning the original Biblical “kinds,” mostly via hybridization studies.

Now Wood has made a statement similar to Wise’s but stronger. Wise said only that

Although there are scientific reasons for accepting a young earth, I am a young-age creationist because that is my understanding of the Scripture. As I shared with my professors years ago when I was in college, if all the evidence in the universe turns against creationism, I would be the first to admit it, but I would still be a creationist because that is what the Word of God seems to indicate. Here I must stand.

Wood goes further. In a post titled Give an exegetical answer he wrote

I have hope because I’m a sinner saved by grace. That’s my whole reason. It’s not because I can refute evolution (I can’t) or because I can prove the Flood (I can’t) or because I can make evolutionists look silly (I don’t). (Italics added)

He can’t refute evolution, he can’t prove the Flood, but nevertheless he believes. (I strongly doubt he can make evolutionists look silly to anyone but a flock of ignorant believers.)

Yup. Sadly, another honest creationist. Would that Ken Ham and his house “scientists,” people like Georgia Purdom and Jason Lisle, were at least that minimally honest.