Stick science deadline approaching!

The deadline for entries to the Florida Citizens for Science Stick Science Contest is fast approaching – it’s May 31, 2009. See the FCS site for da roolz. The general goal:

Your job is to create a cartoon that can be used to educate the general public and especially decision makers (state legislators, school board members) about the truth behind one false science argument. Choose an argument, either one I’ve mentioned above or another one you are familiar with, and create a cartoon that corrects the record.

Note that it is a science education goal, not creationist bashing:

Your cartoon can be funny or educational or a combination of both; however, the cartoon should not be mean-spirited or single out a real person for ridicule.

The judges are Genie Scott, Carl Zimmer, Phil Plait, and Kate Miller. Give them something to do, and win prizes to boot!