Symposium on Life Science Education, May 26

Our Bioinformatics Research Center is one of the sponsors of the Symposium on Life Science Education, being held May 26, 2009 at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center in Raleigh.

The Symposium provides a forum for researchers, educators, and students to meet, discuss and exchange ideas about the latest methods and tools in Life Science Education. A series of invited talks will focus on modern technologies and resources in Life Science education. Topics include:

  • Teaching the analysis of genome-scale data using R and Bioconductor: Software, documents, and experiments
  • Bioinformatics in Motion: Animations for teaching Bioinformatics
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: Tools to Teach Biology in the Genome Age
  • The Joint Genome Institute‚Äôs Microbial Genome Annotation Program for Undergraduates (Department of Energy)
  • The Full Spectrum of Online Tools: From Synthetic Biology Research to Introductory Biology
  • NCSU DELTA: Educational Technology in Distance Education

Registration for the Symposium is free, and participants are invited to submit posters presenting their work. Abstracts of accepted posters will be published in the Symposium proceedings, and presenters will receive $100 to cover expenses. Poster abstracts must be submitted electronically at: Poster submission is now closed.

Further information, including the speaker list and registration forms, is available at the Symposium web page:

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