You knew it was coming, didn't you?

Shameless as ever, David Klinghoffer of the Disco Institute has already started trying to exploit the murder of Stephen Johns to prove the evil of evolutionary science: his murderer, you see, was supposedly a “Darwinist.” Except that he wasn’t, as The Sensuous Curmudgeon makes clear. Here’s a taste:

We must ask ourselves – can Klinghoffer read? If he can, then how can he find in von Brunn’s writing anything that Darwin ever wrote? Specifically, did Darwin really write anything remotely similar to von Brunn’s claim that “the species are improved through in-breeding”? Of course he didn’t. It’s biologically absurd. Indeed, it’s well-known that Darwin was even worried about his own marriage to his cousin…. Hitler never even mentioned Darwin in his writings. As we’ve pointed out in Hitler and Darwin, in Mein Kampf, Hitler clearly indicates that he’s a creationist.