Waaay off topic

Never let it be said that we are pure science nerds on PT. As is the case with all group blogs, PT has a back channel communication system in which we argue, discuss, argue, debate … erm, well, we talk about stuff. sometimes in vigorous disagreement. Mostly it’s about one or another topic relevant to the stated purpose of PT, but sometimes we wander.

For some reason a recent conversation wandered into limericks (is a limerick a limerick if it’s clean?), doggerel, and similar high-brow literary entertainments. In the course of the conversation one of the PT crew composed a two-stanza poem in macaronic style, in which the lines of the poem are in different languages but the meter and rhyme scheme are preserved through the language shifts. Most such works are in just two languages, but this particular one, which I won’t publish without permission, was in three languages. Were there no other reason for being a member of the crew, seeing that kind of creation pop up in casual conversation would make it worthwhile. Just thought you’d like to know. :)