Photo Contest Vote: Vegetable

Below are all our finalists in the “Vegetable” section of our Photo Contest. Please look through them one last time before voting for your favorite. We know it is possible to game these polls. Please act like adults and don’t vote more than once. If we believe that the results are invalid, the contest will be canceled. The photos and poll are below the fold.

  • Passiflora coccinea by Daniel Sprockett — Red Passion Flower, Red Grandilla, being visited by an unidentified flying invertebrate. Campanario Biological Station on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.
  • Drosera cuneifolia by Matthew Opel — a South African carnivorous plant, in cultivation.
  • Controlled burn by Gregory Zolnerowich — The effects of fire as an ecological driver are a historical theme of the biological station. Konza Prairie Biological Station near Manhattan, Kansas, one of the original NSF Long-Term Ecological Research sites.
  • Calochilus robertsonii by James Wood — peloric mutant of purple beard orchid flowering in the Peter Murrell Reserve, Tasmania. This species is apparently prone to developmental errors so that the labellum can be petaloid or (as in this case) all the petals develop the labellum (lip) characteristics.
  • Halobacterium salinarum by Matt W. Ford — species NRC-1 growing around/on salt crystals on a dried-out plate.
  • Nymphaea caerulea by David Collins — Egyptian blue lily, Zilker Botanical Garden, Austin, Texas, 2007.