Hyla versicolor

Photograph by Darren Garrison.

Hyla versicolor–gray tree frog.

If you can’t see the frog, just go below the fold.


Your irascible judges generally do not discuss their decisions, but we frankly ruled out this remarkable example of camouflage because, well, there is no picture there.

My own pattern-recognition system is not so hot, and I simply could not find the frog until Mr. Garrison directed me to the photograph with the red outline. Once I identified the frog, however, I now see it immediately in the upper photograph. I have noticed the same phenomenon before, for example, in connection with photographs of the peppered moth – once I finally identify the moth, I see it immediately the next time I see the same photograph. People in the audience when I gave a talk on the peppered moth told me they experienced the same phenomenon. Still, I am fortunate that I do not have to rely on frogs’ legs for my sustenance.