IDiots can't read.

This is discussed in an earlier comment thread but I thought I’d promote it. The Disco ‘Tute is in a swivet over the California Science Center’s cancellation of a showing of Darwin’s Dilemma, the latest excretion of Illustrata Media, producer of the late unlamented Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (at the Disco ‘Tute). Disco Dancer Robert Crowther, of course, attributes the cancellation to the machinations of the Loyal Order of Dogmatic Darwin Conspirators. However, Doc Bill of has the story. In its glee about the showing, the ‘Tuters issued a press release that strongly implied that the Science Center and Smithsonian are somehow involved in the film’s premiere.

Now, there may be some question about whether the press release actually violated the Science Center’s contract with the ostensible sponsor of the showing, the American Freedom Alliance – IANAL, and don’t know the connection, if any, between AFA and the Disco ‘Tute. However, the first sentence of the Disco ‘Tute’s press release says

The debate over Darwin will come to California on October 25th, when the Smithsonian Institution’s west coast affiliate premieres Darwin’s Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record, a new intelligent design film which challenges Darwinian evolution.

That plainly says it’s the Smithsonian that’s doing the premiering. And that’s flatly false. It’s the institutional version of inflationary credentialism, one of the hallmarks of pseudoscience. Note that the press release also identifies Stephen Meyer as a scientist, more inflationary credentialism.

Hat tip to Abbie.