Evolution Videos and More

Today I received this e-mail:

Creation evolution free videos what is the real deal?




In spite of the (lack of) punctuation in the first line, the links led me to several excellent, convincing, and professional-looking videos with titles like “Evolution is REAL Science #1.” A few more clicks, and I found the home page of the producer, Jeremy Mohn, as well as his blog.

Mr. Mohn describes himself as a “lone” Kansas biology teacher standing up to powerful anti-science interests. As far as I can see, he is doing a good job.

Mr. Mohn is “also a religious believer who accepts evolution as one of God’s creations,” and he refers you to his personal Web page, An Evolving Creation. I was, shall we say, less impressed with that effort and especially unimpressed with the hackneyed argument that God limits himself, herself, or itself so that we can gain experience on our own. I mostly skimmed his essay, but I was somewhat taken aback by the bizarre translation of Psalm 135:13 (not to mention Genesis 1:1), and I cannot fathom how that verse tells us that God is “outside of time,” whatever that means.

My unsolicited advice: Mr. Mohn should not quit his biology job, and you should watch his videos and send the links to anyone who will pay attention to them.