Don't Diss Darwin

As everyone in the science blogosphere knows by now, banana man Ray Comfort, he who cannot understand sex, is planning to distribute on the order of 170,000 (his claim) copies of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species in late November on various U.S. and Canadian university campuses. The book is prefaced by an introduction (2 Meg PDF) by Ray that contains the standard creationist argle bargle.

NCSE has created a page in response called Don’t Diss Darwin that has a variety of resources and suggestions. It has an appropriate flier, posters, and a lovely banana bookmark ready for downloading.

Most important for our immediate purposes, it contains a list of universities currently targeted. That list is reproduced below the fold. (I note that Lehigh is on the list; I wonder if Michael Behe will avail himself of the opportunity to learn some evolution.)

I urge scientists and interested folks on the infected campuses to seek immunization from the NCSE page.

Hat tip to Florida Citizens for Science.

US (19 Nov)

  1. Princeton University (NJ)
  2. Harvard University (MA)
  3. Yale University (CT)
  4. Stanford University (CA)
  5. University of Pennsylvania (PA)
  6. California Institute of Technology
  7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)
  8. Duke University (NC)
  9. Columbia University (NY)
  10. University of Chicago (IL)
  11. Dartmouth College (NH)
  12. Washington University in St. Louis (MO)
  13. Cornell University (NY)
  14. Brown University (RI)
  15. Northwestern University (IL)
  16. Johns Hopkins University (MD)
  17. Rice University (TX)
  18. Emory University (GA)
  19. Vanderbilt University (TN)
  20. Notre Dame (IN)
  21. University of California - Berkeley (CA)
  22. Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
  23. University of Virginia (VA)
  24. Georgetown University (DC)
  25. University of California–Los Angeles (CA)
  26. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
  27. University of Southern California (CA)
  28. University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill (NC)
  29. Tufts University (MA)
  30. Wake Forest University (NC)
  31. Lehigh University (PA)
  32. Brandeis University (MA)
  33. College of William and Mary (VA)
  34. New York University (NY)
  35. University of Rochester (NY)
  36. Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)
  37. Boston College (MA)
  38. University of Wisconsin–Madison (WI)
  39. University of California–San Diego (CA)
  40. University of Illinois–Urbana - Champaign (IL)
  41. Case Western Reserve University (OH)
  42. University of Washington (WA)
  43. University of California–Davis (CA)
  44. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)
  45. University of Texas–Austin (TX)
  46. University of California–Santa Barbara (CA)
  47. University of California–Irvine (CA)
  48. Penn State University–University Park (PA)
  49. University of Florida (FL)
  50. Syracuse University (NY)

Canada (24 Nov)

  1. Ottawa University - Ottawa ON
  2. Carleton University - Ottawa ON
  3. Queen’s University - Kingston ON
  4. University of Toronto - Toronto ON
  5. York University - Toronto ON
  6. McMaster University - Hamilton ON
  7. Guelph University - Guelph ON
  8. Brock University - St. Catharines ON
  9. U of Western Ontario - London ON
  10. Concordia University - Montreal PQ
  11. McGill University - Montreal PQ
  12. U of New Brunswick - Fredericton / Saint John NB
  13. Memorial U of Newfoundland - St. John’s NL
  14. Dalhousie University - Halifax NS
  15. University of Manitoba - Winnipeg MB
  16. U of Saskatchewan - Saskatoon
  17. University of Alberta - Edmonton AB
  18. University of Calgary - Calgary AB
  19. Simon Fraser University - Vancouver BC
  20. U of British Columbia - Vancouver BC
  21. University of Victoria - Victoria BC