Essays in Honor of OOS

Genetics has published three essays in honor of 150th anniversary of the Origin. Allen Orr’s piece provides an interesting historical perspective on the interaction between the science of evolution (or Darwinism) and the impacts on society. The Charlesworths provide an opinion on the importance of Darwin on genetics (note that they get the D-M speciation model wrong by suggesting that it’s anything but apathetic toward the role of natural selection). And Adam Wilkins weighs in on whether Darwin was a genius or a plodder.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Richard Meisel for the blurb and the links.

Darwin and Darwinism: The (Alleged) Social Implications of The Origin of Species, by Allen Orr.

Darwin and Genetics, by Brian and Deborah Charlesworth.

Charles Darwin: Genius or Plodder?, by Adam S. Wilkins.