It's a surprise: Evolution: E&O Issue for Genie

The new issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach, now online and with a few of the articles free (the rest are behind an accursed paywall), is dedicated to Genie Scott, who will soon be on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon on the annual trip that I have never made. It’s a surprise, and I wish I could see her face. From Niles and Greg Eldredge’s Editorial:

Which brings us to our second happy task of this editorial: our pride and pleasure in presenting a (Surprise!) Special Issue in honor of Eugenie Scott, Founding Director of the National Center for Science Education (and a founding member of our own editorial board!). Genie and her organization have long been in the front of the line helping to ensure quality science education in the United States by developing resources–and by standing by beleaguered teachers whenever creationists threaten the integrity of science education in communities everywhere. This terrific issue, edited by Glenn Branch, NCSE’s Deputy Director, tells the tale of Genie and her multifaceted career–a “must-read” for all of us who value quality science education in the United States. Thank you, Genie–you are wonderful!

Yes, she is.

Via Greg Laden.