A Hate Mail Poe?

Daily Kos has posted the best of their Q2 hate mail, and number 2 concerns evolution:

Evolution is a LIE!

You are a LIAR and a FRAUD for spreading your bullshit evolution prpaganda! evolution has never been proven to work and it’s not even logical. Let me tell you a fun story. My friend’s seven year old nephew died of cancer two months ago. How the fuck is that evolution? Evolution is supposed to guarantee that all individuals get to procreate: this is called “fitness” (your word, not mine)! If someone dies at 7, he doesn’t get to procreate. This happens all the time. It also proves that evoution doesn’t work EVEN BY YOUR OWN FUCKED UP STANDARDS! Why would evolution make people have cancer? what “advantage “ do you get from having cancer? Evolutionists have got to be the dumbest fucking retards this side of scientology. Need more proof? How’s this: if birds “evolved” magically from dinosaurs (tyranosaurus?), then there should be a creature that’s 99% dinosaur and 1% bird, then another thats 98% dinosaur and 2% bird and so on. Am I going too fast for you? It’s called basic logic, you shitbrain retard. Now, show me a fossil of a 82/18 dinosaur/bird? Or 61/39? Wait! Maybe they don’t exist! How fucking stupid do you have to be to believe something that’s obviously bullshit? Did your mommy drop you on your head? You mock people’s faith in God when you yourselves have faith in stuff that’s not even remotely reasonable. Your probably not really evil, just really fucking stupid and brainwashed. So why dont you pull your head from your ass and look at how retarded your evolution cult really is.

and maybe you’l wake up and realize you’ve been fucked over and defrauded.

I want to call “Poe”, but a Poe should make more sense.